Friday, May 27, 2016

A White Shirt-dress - Butterick 5556 {Accomplist} (SSW1)

I finished another 2016 Make Nine projects AND another piece for my Seasonal Sew Wardrobe (SSW1) collection!!

No, this wasn't in my initial plan for the SSW but I decided to sew it rather than the white t-shirt. 

Since our family planned to wear Red, White and Blue to Captain America: Civil War to show that we were on #teamCap! I decided I needed to get it done in time or else I would be the only one not coordinating.
Kimberly wore her vintage 1960's red dress, TaMera wore a vintage 1970's blue dress and I wore my handmade 1950's reproduction, hot off the press (at 11:30 the night before) white dress! 

The pattern is Butterick 5556 and this white dress version has been on my 2016 Make Nine list since the beginning. 
The fabric is thrifted white cotton sheets. I think they all added up to about $6 or so. Not bad for 5 1/2 yards of it! 

I have one more piece to go... It's started just need to finish it this weekend! I hope I make it as the deadline is Tuesday night! The pressure!!
-'- Jewel


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