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Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Shirtdress for TaMera {Vintage Butterick 6071}

Finally sewed my dress for the Shirtdress Sew-Along hosted by McCall's Pattern Company! 

The pattern is a vintage Butterick pattern from my Grandma.
The pattern envelope front was in tatters and the instructions were missing so...I'm guessing she made it sometime in her life. Which made it special.

So how did I get along without the instructions?

Not terribly! A bit to my surprise! :)
I believe the pattern was released in the late 50s and having a McCall's button-up blouse pattern (from 1964) which greatly resembles the bodice of the dress. I used it as a "guideline" for the bodice construction...which worked surprisingly well!

I created what I'm calling a "faux yoke" to fix a waistline issue that I didn't notice until the end of the construction process.
The waistline (not so) gradually got lower in the back!

I think it was the result of (at least) two things...
1. The "shoulder" seam didn't go as far forward to the front as I initially thought.
2. TaMera's sway back.

I'm enrolled in Custom Fitting: Back, Neck & Shoulders by Kathleen Cheetham on Craftsy but haven't started it yet. (I'm working my way through Custom Fitting: Waist & Hips first.)
But Kathleen addresses how to adjust for sway backs in the class and it's a issue I'm excited to tackle!

To make the "faux yoke" I pinched the back up (while she was wearing it) and pinned the "yoke" where I wanted it to be. Then topstitched the "yoke" in place.
With it being a shirtdress, I think you only notice that it's not a true yoke if you really look at it and put two and two together. Basically, oblivious to the untrained eye.
Fabric: Thrifted / Pattern: Inherited from Grandma / Buttons: Gifted from Grandmother's stash / Belt Buckle: Antique Store Find

Considering the bumps in the road, I think it came together quite well and stands with the pattern boasting of an "Easy Make". 
It's also another piece for TaMera's Summer Wardrobe I'm sewing for her! "Sew" I'm happy! ;)
-'- Jewel

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

My Plans for the Seasonal Sew Wardrobe: Sleepwear Edition

Hopefully, your starting to pull fabrics, reaching deep into your stash to pull out your pajama patterns and planning your sleepwear sewing! 

I actually have an entire box where I've been sticking sleepwear type fabric and a smaller box to store the pajama patterns I find here and there. 

So without further are my initial sewing plans in no particular order, whatsoever!

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Overall Dress - Vintage Simplicity 7006 {SSW1}

This project started unlike any other and it could not of happened without the help and love of friends.
You may be thinking that I'm stretching the truth but I'm not! 
The main fabric was found at a garage sale by my sister who lives in Texas.
The pattern was from a sweet friend who found it thrifting.
The scraps of fabric I used for the lining and facings was from my Grandmothers stash and the only thing I actually bought was the overall buckles, top stitching thread and buttons!
Much different then my other projects.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Create an album on Facebook for the SSW:SE

This is an informational post for those of us in the Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests group taking part in the Seasonal Sew Wardrobe:Sleepwear Edition!
(If you would like to join...all the information you need to know is HERE)

There's been some discussion about how to create an photo album in the group page for the Seasonal Sew Wardrobe. (SSW) With so many different Facebook applications out there it's hard to make a general instruction so today I'm going to be sharing some of the most prominent platforms.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Getting Started (Planning) - Seasonal Sew Wardrobe: Sleepwear Edition

Hello everyone! 

Today, I'm sharing inspiration, pattern ideas, and free tutorials. ...Basically so you have NO excuse not to participate!

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