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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Which direction to go?

East. We had to go east to Tecumseh (one of the towns over) because Mom had an errand to run. 
I was hoping to get some pictures for my graduation coming up in May. Across from the office was this wall, the old bank advertisement was perfect for snapping some photos!

top: ross dress for less / skirt: forever 21 / sandals: payless shoe store / necklace: forever 21 / earrings: thrifted

I saw this shirt walking to the checkout line and put it in my cart without trying it on! Hey, we all buy something because of the print every once in awhile. ;)

I love everything about genuine photo booths and even though the lighting wasn't the best...these are my favorite.

Peace out! (Actually, I'm playing with my hair :)) 
-'- Jewel
Photography: TaMera

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Texas {Travel Tidbits}

We went down to Texas the weekend of August 3rd and dropped Kimberly off at college. Here's some tidbits:

While in Texas; Edwin, Samantha, TaMera and I went to Inks Lake State Park!

Edwin showing TaMera how it's done!

No, these aren't TaMera's only shorts, she just loves wearing them. :)

After Edwin showed TaMera how to fish, he went to work. Isn't technology cool! He was able to work from his phone and iPad at the lake!

If you are ever in the Burnet, Texas area go to Inks Lake State Park! They have free fishing!...which may be another factor why the fish were able to nibble our worm off the hook without biting it (spoiled fish), resulting in us not catching anything. It was a fun experience anyway!
-'- Jewel

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Dress

A blog I enjoy reading is Sincerely Kinsey. (I love her photography style!) Last week she posted about a dress which is her "go to" dress (here).  I know what mine is!

It's a vintage 1960's "Step N Go" house dress. One of the most comfortable dresses I own, and lowest maintenance. I've worn it 13 hours straight to Texas, church, pedicures, shopping and a lot of other places you really don't care about. ;) 
At the store, I was so hesitant to buy it... Now I can't imagine not having it my closet!  

dress: scout (vintage) / boots: wet seal (last season) / bracelet: craft show
Walkin' back home, talk to ya soon!
-'- Jewel

Photography: TaMera

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yellow Monarch {Wildflower Wednesday}

A special edition of Wildflower Wednesday

This little guy allowed me to get really close to him and get some pictures!

 -'- Jewel

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A storm is a brewing...

Had to share these clouds! Wow! You should of seen them in person! Spectacular!

(Photo taken with iPad mini; out of the car window going 45mph. No, I wasn't driving ;))

-'- Jewel

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Elkader, Iowa {Travel Tidbits}

Elkader. What a beautiful little town in northeast Iowa. We traveled there to sing, so we didn't get to sightsee. Someday, I want to go on a weekend trip there! They have adorable little shops down main street, various bed & breakfast's and 12 historic sites. They even have a list of great locations to photograph on their website.
Here's a few pictures that I was able to take after the concert:
(Learn how you can make your shorts just like TaMera's HERE)
-'- Jewel
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