Friday, August 15, 2014

The Dress

A blog I enjoy reading is Sincerely Kinsey. (I love her photography style!) Last week she posted about a dress which is her "go to" dress (here).  I know what mine is!

It's a vintage 1960's "Step N Go" house dress. One of the most comfortable dresses I own, and lowest maintenance. I've worn it 13 hours straight to Texas, church, pedicures, shopping and a lot of other places you really don't care about. ;) 
At the store, I was so hesitant to buy it... Now I can't imagine not having it my closet!  

dress: scout (vintage) / boots: wet seal (last season) / bracelet: craft show
Walkin' back home, talk to ya soon!
-'- Jewel

Photography: TaMera

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