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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

January Stashbusting & Pattern 'N' Fabric Fast Round-Up

January is over and it is time to gather up the information of the past month and see how well I did!
If you've been following my blog for awhile you know I'm trying to sew through my stash of mostly gifted fabrics. My grandmother, grandma, and Mom gave me their stashes when I started sewing since they had all quit many years prior.'s a bit overwhelming.

This year's stashbusting goal is to sew through 100 yards of fabric!
All fabric purchases will be subtracted from the sewn amount so it's not just sewing 100 yards it's getting rid of 100 yards!

As another goal, I made a personal pledge for a pattern 'n' fabric fast. On November 12th 2016 with the follow sewists and stashbusters of Stashbusting Sew-A-Long as my witnesses I said:

  • "✋🏼 "I, Jewel McClellan. A dedicated sewist and lover of fabric and patterns. From this moment on will buy no more patterns and/or fabric until 2017. 
  • I will restrain from online window shopping and every time I get an urge to do so will sit in front of the fabric shelf or pile the baskets of patterns around myself to be overwhelmed until the said feeling passes."

After a successful month and (about) a half with great expectations I decided to extend it to June of 2017.

I'm confessing to you today...I have broke it. Not with fabric. No! But with a few patterns... I know...I know I said I wouldn't. :( 

I was in the car with (my sister) Tiffany, checking my email and there was a JoAnn's sale email...

I clicked to find when the patterns were going to be on sale. (Bad, bad choice Jewel!) 
Getting to her house I got on the computer and started browsing to see which ones I should get. Again...setting myself up for failure...

I only purchased a single pattern for myself. Simplicity 8248 a 1930s reproduction pattern. Since it came out I've been drooling over it and seeing so many different versions in my head! 
I've also been watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries an Australian show that's based in the 1920s (currently on USA Netflix) and love the fashion! 
From a production element, I love how they put Miss Fisher (the leading lady) in rich, true and bright colors as the rest of the cast are in browns and neutrals.

The deal breaker for me was finding this pin on Pinterest! How gorgeous is this dress?? The design elements of the pattern and dress are so very close! I'm pretty sure I can make it! 

I also wanted to get some patterns for TaMera. I know so much more about her personal style then before. Many of the patterns I've previously purchased for her she wouldn't wear. She may "like" them but that doesn't mean she'd like to "wear" them. Big difference. Finding your personal style could possible be the hardest thing about fashion. At least I think so!

Burda 6551
I chose this pattern because TaMera wears a lot of button-ups. (Not necessarily what I'd chose for her to wear but again this about HER style.)
Simplicity 8214
This is a cool little pattern! It's a jumpsuit and dress pattern that can be easily transformed into a coordinating outfit. With a jumpsuit pattern you don't have to worry about your shirt untucking and such.
Burda 6549
One of TaMera's favorite ready-to-wear (RTW) dresses is very similar to this style. I'll just have to raise the neckline for comfort's sake.

These three are for Tiffany and she chose them herself. Tiffany can still wear clothes that she wore 5-7 years ago. (Yes...don't we all wish we could say that!) She's just tried of her closet and for good reason too! She only buys three maybe four new garments a year so she has a reason to be. I hope to start bringing some more custom-made garments into her wardrobe these coming years.

My fabric stashbusting efforts on the other hand were much better. 

0 yards of fabric in and 8 yards out!

Items sewn:

2 Lissette Dress for Hannah (I'll be sharing all four in one blog post soon) - 6 yards
TaMera's Sweater for the Wardrobe Project - 2 yards 

I have a few un-finished projects I'm still working on so February's totals should be a little higher then January's! Here's to hoping anyway. ;)
-'- Jewel

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