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About Us

Hello! (hmmm…nope.)

Hi, I'm Jewel!  (Yea…Don't like that one either. Ugh! Why is this so hard??)

How do you do?  (Oh yeah. Because that's so me.)

Welcome to the online space of Jewberly Emiris. (Okay, that's going to have to do. Even though it sounds like I'm going to start to go into this long boring monologue...which maybe I am? Hopefully not!)

If you didn't notice from what I've already shared; I have a hard time starting conversations and I also have a hard time writing about myself.
I can rattle on and on about my sewing projects but about me and what I like? It's a lot tougher.
So I guess, I'll start from the beginning.

No. Not like my life story...the beginning of this blog.
I was originally going to call it Jewel's Jottings but the rest of my family said no.
(FYI, I still think that's an awesome name)
Instead, I enlisted the help of Kimberly in finding a good name for my blog. Well, I actually also asked her to join with me in this blog as well because I was so scared to start something "so big" all by myself.
She came up with "Jewberly Emiris" which is a mash-up of our first names and middle names.
(If you ask her she says we came up with "Jewberly Emiris" when we were little for the name of our fashion design label. But I don't recall this at all. haha)

In June of 2013 I pushed the publish button and we had a blog. …without any posts but hey! We had a blog!

Slowly the blog has metamorphosed into what it is today. A space for me to share my sewing projects, Kimberly to share her gluten free recipes and anything else we decide to share.

That is just what the blog is but not what Jewberly Emiris is.

Jewberly Emiris has three branches (if you will) the first branch is the blog.
Where I am the main contributor; sharing sewing projects and such. Sometimes Kimberly pops in with a recipe or two or TaMera shares a knitting find she thrifted.

The second branch is our YouTube channel. Where TaMera is the main contributor and uploads How-To Knit videos. That many people seem to enjoy.
Again Kimberly or I may hop on there sharing a Thrift Haul video.

The third branch is Kimberly. She's the silent one (not as in quiet) silently editing my posts and encouraging TaMera to make another video. She the rock in which keeps us grounded.

There's a bit the story of Jewberly Emiris…click on our photo's below to find out more about each one of us personally!

Come visit us on our new Jewberly Emiris blog home!

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