Saturday, October 22, 2016

Back at the helm with 1948 Skirt

I have missed blogging. For so many different (and mostly legit) reasons I've been lollygagging (that's a thing right?) so finally I decided to dust off the blog and start again. 
Blogging is a part of the creative process for me. It's how I document what I've sewn and it reminds me that although I don't have as much sewing/creative time, I can still create.

Honestly, I feel like I reconnected with an old friend!

Part of that is because I'm writing and editing on my old, all-my-fave-bookmarks-in-the-tab, files-exactly-where-I-know-them-to-be, super-slow laptop.
(Did I mention the keyboard "clacks"? It's strange but nice.) But not nearly as nice as my new computer. Newbie is like the best...except that I haven't figured everything out yet. (Like why my online photo editing program won't work) 

But that has absolutely NOTHING to do with my new skirt.
The skirt that came out exactly as planned! The skirt that I actually did some hand sewing in! The skirt that made me excited about sewing again!

And...also has me a little perplexed. 

I have nothing to wear with it!
The camera is lying in the photos when it shows the skirt base color and sweater color the same. The skirt's base is navy while the sweater is black. 
All my red coordinates are black based! I have zero that are navy based so it'll be belted or sewing some more blouses for me. Most likely a mix of both.

The skirt pattern is a vintage 1948 skirt pattern from McCall's. I purchased off of Ebay in my June haul which I talked about in Episode One of Sewing Desk Sit-Down. A basic six gore (or panel) skirt with just a little bit of flare towards the hemline. 

I've paired it with my Mom's high school cheerleading sweater for the time being while I sew a matching blouse! Since the fabric was a $1.50 B&B Thrift Store find...I only have a few small pieces left.

So the blouse will be in the same navy fabric as the waistband and the sleeve cuffs will be the red plaid! I'm using a vintage 1953 Simplicity blouse pattern and can't wait to see them both together! I hope it looks as good as I have it pictured in my mind...

Not blogging has had me thinking about becoming more self sufficient. ...That's the reason I'm not looking into the camera in all the photos I've shared because I used a camera remote and tripod.
A first for me! Before one of my family members would take them but I decided I needed to try to photograph myself...myself. For this reason I ventured out to the pasture with just my shoes and camera accessories.
It wasn't bad...just weird. I had to remember to manually set the shot up and then go and try to be in the position that I wanted when I was setting it up in the camera screen.
Whereas before I just told my family what type of photo I wanted and they tried their best to get it.
I'm going to keep trying it as it wasn't the worst (unlike my try at self timer photography trial here) and even though it took like 80 photos I was slowly starting to figure it out...until my camera died. *sigh*

Love the square back collar!
Well, sewing time is a'wasting! Have a lovely SEWurday! ;)

Saturday, October 01, 2016

12 inches and 6 1/2 hours later! NEW HAIR!!

I honestly don't remember the last time I was as excited about anything as I am about my hair change. 
Of course when you haven't changed your hair since 2014 (the first time ever!) AND you've never changed the way your hair frames your face, there's a lot of questions and doubts. 

"What if I don't like it?" 

"What if I LOVE it?" 

"What if everyone who knows me hates it?"

But I finally decided on a few things:

- It's my hair and I was ready for a change. 
- People already tell me my career choice is wrong, or how I'm preparing for it, and I will just expect a similar response to my hair! ☺️
- If I hate it, I'll just never do it again and know that's it's something I don't like. Or if I love it, which I do, it's another hairstyle that I know I like!

I've also decided some things come down to experience...

You won't know what it's like until you try and staying in your comfort zone, staying with what's easy might be the worst mistake of your life! 
You may not know what you've been missing because you're staying with what's always been! Life is short!! So change your hair and LIVE YOUR life!

-'- Jewel

What a difference!!

Due to my massive amounts of hair I made two appointments for Thursday and Friday at the College of Hair Design in Lincoln. Appointment #1 took 5 hours and included the rough cutting, highlights at the end and style. (The style was for my girl's portfolio! It was quite the before and after!)

I will be donating my cut hair but I haven't decided on the charity/organization yet. //// Caty and I after appointment #2!...which only took an hour for the straightening out, tiny bit of layering, thinning the ends (so it didn't look so chunky) and bang transition.

I never dreamed that Caty and I would ever have the same length of hair! //// I think the no bangs will take me longer to get used too then the short length! lol

Photo credit: TaMera, Kimberly and yours truly. ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

What I'm sewing...

Wow...this is crazy!! I haven't blogged for ages...but hopefully that's going to change. Because I have have missed every aspect of it...taking the photos, editing the photos, writing the posts and the sense of accomplishment that comes from sewing and documenting my projects.

This summer has been one of the craziest and one of the weirdest summer's I've ever had in my life! 
I won't go into detail but instead talk to you about what's on the sewing queue...
I'm super excited about what in the plans to sew! 

Are you ready to hear it???

It's a Lucille Ball inspired 8 piece wardrobe for TaMera for the Seasonal Sew Wardrobe on the Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests group!!

TaMera and I have been saving a ton of photos of Lucille's fashion and style! 
(Yes, we are planning on recreating the outfit and photo on the left as well as quite a few others!)

The first item, I'm working on now, is a necessary one in TaMera's closet...well fitting pants. 
Pants are one of the hardest things to get a good fit on and I decided if we were going to do this...I needed to at least get her one good pair of pants. 
...Just in case I run out of time for the deadline of the Seasonal Sew Wardrobe. 
The whole reason behind this is to get TaMera a collection of well fitting and very "her" styled garments so I just thought I better start with the hardest and most needed item!

I could show you some of the photos we saved and screenshots from Pinterest...but I don't have a rock solid sewing "plan" just Lucille Ball inspired garments that fit TaMera to a T. (...did you see what I did there?? ;) )

I should have an item to share with you in the next couple of days!

-'- Jewel

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Flowerbed Pajama's (SSW:SE) {Oywn & Esme from Everyday Style by Lotta Jansdotter}

I'm a terrible host.
We are into the second month of the Seasonal Sew Wardrobe and I'm just now sharing my first and second piece!
It is time to bring the hammer down and get moving!

I'm currently working on my 1940's pajamas, after which I'll move onto my Aunt's pajama's and hopefully get to my brother-in-law's pajamas before too long!

But you didn't come here to read about me falling behind and trying to get myself into gear...nope. You came to read about my "Flowerbed Pajamas" and all the details are below!

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