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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

\╦łklau̇d\ (cloud)

A beautiful storm blew through last night. 
On the porch looking south you could see a spectacular lightning show and looking north-west you could see this! 
-'- Jewel

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Our Celebration for Independence Day!

We had a little Independence Day celebration with some of our extended family! 
(Kimberly wasn't here - she was spending the weekend at Spirit Lake in Iowa)

Our uncle Ed with his grandson Lucas

Mom & our sister TaMera made homemade ice cream. 
 It was delicious! We had farm fresh, organic, cage-free eggs from our Grandpa's chickens, and real cream from our local dairy. It must have made a difference because I usually don't like homemade ice cream...but this was like homemade ice dream!

L-R: Aunt Sharon, Grandpa, cousin Jerrica, Mom (Judy)

Cousin Caden approved

Lucas and his Mom Amy Jo shared a bit of cake to celebrate. She let him try it after he was uninterested in his yogurt!

TaMera, the neighbor's dog Spot, and our cousin Emme

Cousin Skyler being a fireworks "punk" ;)

Caden was a smokin' bomb lighter!

One of our Dad's signature looks...

Spot the parachutes in the next couple photos:

One of my best friends (she just happens to be my cousin) Caty & I!

Emme (left) is Caty's (right) younger sister

Caty caught it!

TaMera, baby Lucas, and the real star of the photo; cherry soda.

Cousin Craig, wife Amy Jo, son Lucas

L-R: Uncle Ed, Cousin Craig, Dad (Tim)

Yours truly!

Cousin Keira, and her sister Jerrica in the background

Kimberly's favorite photo

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