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Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Jolly Rancher Skirt {Brooklyn Skirt} & An Orange Pop Top {Simplicity 1364} (Out & About - SSW16)

Is there such a thing as "Photo shoot cabin fever"?? Because I think I have it!

The vast majority of our photos for the blog are taken outside and I'm a lot more comfortable taking pictures of my outfits outside then inside in front of a blank wall. (Which in our house is hard to come by…) As of late, my poses have be mediocre and the lighting isn't as good as all natural light. 
I also love blue skies and sunshine which obviously isn't attainable inside! haha 
So hopefully when Spring rolls around I'll be more relaxed then I seem to be in these inside photos… :-/

But that really does't have that much to do with this outfit but... Maybe I'll rephotograph this outfit when there is green grass outside! :)


Monday, February 22, 2016

I HEART Phoebe (Phoebe by Colette Patterns)

I'm soooo happy to share my Phoebe!! It is my second item off of my 2016 Make Nine list and I love the way it came out!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Seasonal Sew Wardrobe - Spring 16 {AccompList}

Over on the Sew-A-Long group we are doing something a little different. Along with our monthly sew-a-longs, we are also doing a four month sew-a-long.

We are making a wardrobe of eight coordinating pieces and the wardrobe is also going to have a theme. 

My theme is "Out & About".

My wardrobe is based in the nineteen-sixties. The stash is over flowing with prints so I felt like this would be the easiest way to incorporate as many as I can.
(I also have a crazy idea of doing a fashion video to go with...but I'm going to leave it at that... ;))

I'm going to be sewing a dress, two blouses, a pair of pants, one basic tee and one more item.
...Right now, I'm leaning towards a bag or a pill box hat! (The hat possibilty much to my aunt's dismay... Lol)

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