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Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Jolly Rancher Skirt {Brooklyn Skirt} & An Orange Pop Top {Simplicity 1364} (Out & About - SSW16)

Is there such a thing as "Photo shoot cabin fever"?? Because I think I have it!

The vast majority of our photos for the blog are taken outside and I'm a lot more comfortable taking pictures of my outfits outside then inside in front of a blank wall. (Which in our house is hard to come by…) As of late, my poses have be mediocre and the lighting isn't as good as all natural light. 
I also love blue skies and sunshine which obviously isn't attainable inside! haha 
So hopefully when Spring rolls around I'll be more relaxed then I seem to be in these inside photos… :-/

But that really does't have that much to do with this outfit but... Maybe I'll rephotograph this outfit when there is green grass outside! :)


This outfit is my first two pieces for the Seasonal Sew Wardrobe over on the Sew-A-Longs & Sewing Contests Facebook group. (Read about it HERE)

I was originally going to make a pencil skirt out of this fabric but after some thought, I realized that would be really stupid on my part. Why? Because I never ever wear pencil skirts. 

1. Because I would of let it go to waste as a pencil skirt.
2. Because it came out AWEsome as the Brooklyn Skirt from Seamwork Magazine!

The pattern went together really quick even with me using a print that needed to be pattern matched and adding a lining. 
I can just imagine how fast it would go together with a plain colored fabric!
I didn't get the side seams or back seam matched perfectly but that's not something you notice, unless you look for it. So yes, the pattern matching was pretty successful.

The shirt (Simplicity 1364) is a 1960's Jiffy Reprint. The fabric isn't ideal…it's very stiff and likes to bunch if I don't pull it down ever few minutes. (Now you know why the blouse looks like it does in the photos…aka wrinkly!
The pattern comes with long sleeves or no sleeves. I omitted the neck facings and shortened the sleeves by a ton and came out with these sleeves. Not bad. 
I finished the neck edge with single fold bias tape which was really hard to do with the boat neck neckline. Next time, I'm just going to make sure that I have enough fabric for everything. 

But again…this was about getting the stash into something wearable and that coordinates with as many other fabrics from the stash, as well. Even if that means a somewhat wonky shirt! haha

All in all, I am extremley happy with this outfit! Yes, there are quirks…but that's what makes it fun to sew!
Two pieces down…six to go!!
-'- Jewel

Fabric used on these projects: 5 1/2  yards (5.0292m)
Fabric sewn this year: 18 1/2 yards (16.9164m)
Fabric purchased this year: 3 yards (2.7432m)
Fabric stash-busted this year: 15 1/2 yards (14.1732m)
See my 2016 stashbusting pledge HERE

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