Gluten Free Deliciousness

I know what this looks like; Jewberly Emiris is jumping on the gluten free fad-wagon late. But it's not that, honest! About 2 years ago our sister Tiffany was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and it really opened our eyes to the issues gluten causes if your body doesn't quite agree with it. 

 It's been suggested that eliminating harmful gluten (wheat, barley & rye) from our diets could help improve our overall health. As a result, Jewel & I (Kimberly) have been eating gluten free because of some of our health issues.

When we made the change, we knew we didn't want to do it with boxed this and pre-packaged that. Instead I've been substituting organic coconut flour or almond flour in some recipes, introducing quinoa as a new grain, and trying to make everything (from scratch) from minimally or unprocessed all-natural, healthy ingredients as much as possible.

With all being said, we've decided to start a gluten free recipe section on our blog! These are actual recipes (normally containing gluten) that I've prepared but made adjustments to so they are free of the harmful gluten.

Gluten Free Lasagna (Grain Free Option!)
Chocolate No Bake Cheesecake with a Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookie Crust

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