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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thrift Store Score - Magna Dominoes

I found these in 2012 during a trip in Orange Beach, Alabama. (The thrift store is actually in the town of Foley, Alabama.) 
I was just starting to grow a love for vintage things. The Dominoes were in the shelf with the games for twenty-five cents. 

Back in 2012, when I looked them up on the internet, there was two people selling them. Making it super easy to find the history. 
While getting ready to write this post, I looked them up again. Now, there are hundreds of them for sale!! On the fourth Google page, I gave up hope finding any sort of history.

What I do know is; they are wooden. The dots are hand painted and on the back of the dominoes there is an eagle raised out of the wood. They were produced by Milton Bradley Company before it was taken over by Hasbro, Inc (in 1986). Most of the sellers were saying between the 1940's and 1950's. Which I wouldn't doubt, because I am drawn to anything from that time-frame.

-'- Jewel

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hastings Museum {Travel Tidbits}

We went to the Hastings Museum in August. I know two months's a Throwback Thursday Travel Tidbits! ;)

In case you didn't know; Kool-aid was invented in Hastings, Nebraska.

This is the coolest automobile! The back set can be taken out making it more of a truck! Think about cruising with all your friends in that! 

If you are ever in the Hasting, Nebraska area, I encourage you to take a stroll through the museum. It's something else. :)
-'- Jewel

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Thrift Store Score - Beaker

Yes, I brought a beaker. It's a funny story actually:

I'm at Salvation Army in the house goods and here I see, what I thought at the time was, a liquid measuring cup. It's seventy-five cents and I decide to buy it. 
On coming home, I proudly show Dad my purchases. His response was not what I was expecting. 
"You bought a beaker?" He said in half a tone of disbelief and the other half "why in the world would you buy a beaker?".
"A beaker? It's a Pyrex measuring cup. See, Pyrex." I replied in confusion.
"No, it is a beaker, for scientific experiments. Pyrex is a type of glass."
I was shocked. In that moment, I finally realized why it was only in milliliters! It was a beaker! I had bought a beaker, without even realizing it! 
I'm having a hard time processing that I own a beaker and it's still quite embarrassing. 

Off to go and figure out "what in the world" I am going to do with a beaker,
-'- Jewel

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stop, Shoot & Jog

Tuesday evening, was absolutely beautiful weather and our family went on a walk. I brought my camera along to get some pictures for my photography assignment. The "walk" for me became; stop, shoot the shot, and jog to catch up. :)

(I was not trespassing when I took this ;))

Such a relaxing walk!
-'- Jewel

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thrift Store Score - Vintage Snack Sets

Lately, I have been finding vintage snack sets at thrift stores. At really good prices, like $1.99 a set good prices. 

I have a weak spot for snack sets. As of this post, I have five different snack sets and a total of eight snack sets!

Want to see them? Scroll down!

Vintage Snack Set by Anchor Hocking

This is by far my one of my favorite finds! (Right next to my Pfaltzgraff Dishware) I found three sets of "Vintage Snack Sets" by Anchor Hocking at the Goodwill in Boone, Iowa. 

I adore this pattern!

I remember wanting to go to every ladies brunch, at church, because you got to use "the grape tea sets." It's was such a magical feeling, carefully carrying your heavy plate to the table. 
I can't wait to recreate that feeling someday at my own brunches!

Homestead Snack Set

This is called the "Homestead" snack set, made by Federal Glass Company founded in 1900! Although, the snack set was probably produced around the 1950's.

The design is simple but elegant. The plate has leaves etched out of the bottom with a tea cup.

My set has four cups and three plates.  

Update 2-17-15: Found another plate at Goodwill! It was $1.99. The whole set has now cost $3.98.  

Informal Snack Set

I call this the "Watermelon snack set", it looks a lot like watermelon to me. 

It's a rectangular shaped plate with droplets that are raised on the bottom. Interestingly, the cup's droplets are raised on the inside. 

Orchard Crystal Party Set

And another snack set!

I call this the "Pickle set". Don't look at me weird, Mom has a relish dish that resembles it.  

It has ridges on the bottom and spheres as handles. 

This set is crystal. 

Sadly, it is missing a cup.

Anchorglass Serva-Snack Set

TaMera and I were waiting for Mom to get out of her hair appointment, we went to Goodwill to look around. On the bottom shelf here was this snack set, the price tag was $1.99. 

But it was yellow! Yellow is my favorite color.
(Okay, that doesn't have to do with the story, but, now you know.) 

Yellow was that week's tag color. Anything over ninety-nine cents with a yellow tag was 1/2 off! Making this snack set ninety-seven cents! 

I love this design, it's so elegant! 

Unfortunately, there are only three plates.

And that's that! Do you have any collections that started all because you found something for a good price? I want to hear about them! No matter how crazy or boring! 
Just leave a comment, telling your story!

-'- Jewel

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Thrift Store Score - Crocheted Afghan

 Sometimes I like Goodwill. Case in point, the time I found this afghan for five dollars and it is huge! 
There are a few sun spots on it, other then that, its in pristine condition. 
The colors are perfect for fall! Imagine, on a chilly fall evening snuggling up, with a cup of hot chocolate, and a movie!

Happy Autumn,
-'- Jewel

Monday, October 06, 2014

99¢ Simplicity Patterns? Oh, My!

Because, I went out and bought the patterns I wanted. I feel like I can tell you that Hobby Lobby has Simplicity patterns on sale for 99¢ this week! :) 

I picked up the following patterns:
Three dress patterns. Two of them are vintage "Jiffy" reprints. 
A vintage "Jiffy" shirt reprint. (Jiffy patterns have two or three main pattern pieces)
A vintage 11 1/2" doll (Barbie) reprint.
And a steampunk jacket costume pattern. I have a really cool idea for this! You'll have to wait and see what it might become!

Hurry in and check out the sale!
-'- Jewel

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Repurposed Water Bed into Shelving

Dad and I have been working on organizing the shed. Rearranging, adding shelves, getting rid of stuff and trashing old boxes! Yay!

Last Saturday, we made some shelves. Using scrap wood and the frame boards from our old water bed. 


Getting the supporting boards measured!

This little brown board is my baby. I cut it all by myself! Dad taught me how to use the chop saw and some other kind of saw. Hand saw? Maybe? Lol

We are only going to put light stuff on this longer part. With that in mind, we made an "extension" on the back of the shelf, to make sure nothing will fall behind.

Ta-Da! They aren't fancy, just functional. Perfect for the shed!

I think it looks cool, with the different colors of stained and unstained boards.

-'- Jewel
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