Saturday, October 04, 2014

Repurposed Water Bed into Shelving

Dad and I have been working on organizing the shed. Rearranging, adding shelves, getting rid of stuff and trashing old boxes! Yay!

Last Saturday, we made some shelves. Using scrap wood and the frame boards from our old water bed. 


Getting the supporting boards measured!

This little brown board is my baby. I cut it all by myself! Dad taught me how to use the chop saw and some other kind of saw. Hand saw? Maybe? Lol

We are only going to put light stuff on this longer part. With that in mind, we made an "extension" on the back of the shelf, to make sure nothing will fall behind.

Ta-Da! They aren't fancy, just functional. Perfect for the shed!

I think it looks cool, with the different colors of stained and unstained boards.

-'- Jewel

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