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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kiomi Dress in Everday Style by Lotta Jansdotter

Two things about this project make me excited!

First: it is knits month in the stashbusting group and this dress was made with a knit fabric!
(More on that later)
Second: this is the first project I've sewn from my new book Everyday Style by Lotta Jansdotter. Fran, a fellow member in the Sewalong & Sewing contests group, brought it to our attention and I thank her for doing that! I have a good feeling that the patterns in this book will get a lot of use!

When I received my copy of Everyday Style in the mail,  I started mulling over ideas for the various sewing projects that I now had access to, and asked Kimberly if there was a project she would like/wear. 
One of them was the Kiomi Dress...excitedly I said, "Go find some fabric"! 
I enjoy sewing for my sisters and I don't do it enough so I was happy to be able to get something stitched up for her!

The Kiomi dress was designed for wovens (cottons and such) but the fabric Kimberly chose was a knit. I made a list of what I would need to do differently to make the pattern accommodate the knit.

1. Stabilize the shoulder seams
2. Use a different method for sewing the side seams
3. Finish the armholes and neck edge differently.

I finished the neck-edge with a self fabric bias tape which was difficult to do because this fabric loved to roll and didn't press. 

All in all, it isn't so bad for my first time switching a pattern from woven to knit.

Kimberly, "This dress is comfortable, simple yet sophisticated, and depending on the fabric used can easily be dressed up or down! One of my favorite details is the slight gathering at the neckline. It adds a bit of visual interest!"

Fabric used on these projects: 2 3/8  yards (2.1717m)
Fabric sewn this year: 31 1/2 yards (28.8036m)
Fabric purchased this year: 19 7/8  yards (18.1737m)
Fabric stash-busted this year: 11 7/8 yards (10.8585m)
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  1. Wow Jewel the Kiomi dress looks amazing on Kimberly! You have done an awesome job, especially converting it to a stretch and I'm so happy you love the book as much as I do. I've made the Esme tunic but need to work on my modelling skills. I'm still at the 'trying to figure out the self timer and tripod' stage!

    1. Thank you Fran!
      I did do quite a bit of blog reading research on using a stretch rather then a woven. I would be happy to gather up the links if you'd like.

      Hahaha I'm blessed with having sisters that'll take my pictures...because I have a hard time with the self-timer too! (...I end up looking like a statue with real hair!?! ;) ) - Have you ever looked into a remote for your camera? Depending on the brand and model there might be a remote you can purchase to eliminate the use of the un-friendly self-timer. ;)

      Happy Sewing!
      -'- Jewel


Come visit us on our new Jewberly Emiris blog home!

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