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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Marigold Dress by Melly Sews {SSW16}

It feels so good to finally have another project for "Out & About" my Seasonal Sew Wardrobe collection with the Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests group done! 

The Marigold pattern was also this month's monthly sew along. 
The Marigold pattern comes with a dress option, just a skirt option and a peplum blouse. Every option has varying details to choose from.

Of course,  I had to sew the dress!

This version of the dress took a lot longer then (I would presume) this pattern normally does.
Why? Because I pattern matched.
With this fabric I knew it would be very obvious if the thick design lines didn't match up. That ramped the cutting time up immensely! 
Oh and I didn't mention that I couldn't fold the fabric selvedge to selvedge (like you normally do) because the design didn't repeat correctly the entire 44".  (Sewing talk; don't worry if you don't understand)

I really wanted the multi colored diamonds(?) row to go down the center back and center front. 
As you can tell from the right photo above, I succeeded in the back! It actually goes from the collar to the hem perfectly! (YAY) The front looks really good too!

I'm irritated at myself for not having Kimberly get a picture of the pockets! (Yes, there are pockets) Actually, I didn't even put my hands in my pockets the entire shoot! Ugh! 
This iPhone Photo of the dress still being put together will have to suffice.

The pockets were probably one of the hardest thing to get patterned matched.
Together, they took about four hours (not counting cutting time) to lay out, pin, baste and finally sew!

I'm super impressed with the way it came out!
-'- Jewel

Fabric used on these projects: 3 1/2  yards (3.2004m)
Fabric sewn this year: 37 5/8 yards (34.4043m)
Fabric purchased this year: 19 7/8 yards (18.1737m)
Fabric stash-busted this year: 16 1/2 yards (15.0876m)
See my 2016 stashbusting pledge HERE

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