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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I May Have Found My Easter Outfit… {Testing: Nita Maxi Wrap Skirt bySewDIY}

Earlier in the morning before taking these photos I texted Tiffany stating "I could really use one of those mocha's you make." Later that evening, (still before taking these photos) Tiffany and Jeff came over and here she is holding this coffee cup in her hand. Initially, I thought that they had stopped at the the local coffee house but I couldn't figure out why the coffee house had put the cold mocha in a hot cup. 
Until we were actually taking the photos did I realize that she had made it and brought it herself because I had asked! So sweet! (She didn't realize I hadn't put that together either. lol)

I'm so excited to share this skirt!!

Because this is the first pattern I was accepted to test ever in my sewing journey! I've only been sewing for three years but that hasn't hindered me from applying to testing other patterns. …other patterns which I didn't get accepted to test.
But I'm totally okay with that because it makes this skirt super special!
In case you are confused, let me explain; when indie (AKA independent) sewing (pattern) designers create a new pattern it's normal for them to make a testing call. Think like a casting call, where you (the sewist) fill out a form, they "evaluate" you as a sewist and blogger, they study your "application", read your blog and decide if they want you to represent them and their pattern. ..or not. 

I had signed up before but had never been chosen…that is until I got an email from Beth at SewDIY saying I was accepted to test her new pattern the Nita Wrap Skirt!! I was still am ecstatic!  

I figured out that I needed to make notes of the things that I noticed wrong. As that is the job as the tester to see things that the designer doesn't notice due to working on it all the time.

Like when I reread and reread my blog posts…think there are no errors, post it and my oldest sister reads it then boom! A text message with corrections. Now, don't get me wrong I totally love her for doing that!
It's just that my mind knows what I want to say and doesn't register that I used the wrong word. 
That is the job of an editor or in this case a "tester" to see what you have stopped seeing. 

It felt good to be on the editor side of something! ;)

The skirt went together super quick! I had printed, taped and cut the pattern up on Thursday evening and it only took me Friday to sew it all up! (Friday's are my day off)
To a person who doesn't sew that may sound like a long time…but it really isn't. We are talking a homemade skirt in a few hours!

The length choices are mini, midi or maxi and you can choose from a button, D-ring closure or the tie belt.
I chose to sew the maxi length with the tie belt.

I also want to mention that the skirt is designed to sit at your natural waist but in the photos I'm wearing it slightly above to conceal a metal buckle that's on the vest.
While we are on the subject of the vest…I found it at a thrift store in Texas for a few pennies AND it was made in the USA! Awesome!

Vest: Thrifted / Skirt: Handmade (Nita Wrap Skirt - SewDIY) / Shoes: Gifted

This skirt also pushed me out of my comfort zone.
I couldn't find the pink thread anyWHERE!!!! I knew we had at least two spools of pink thread that would match but after tiring of looking everywhere and still coming up empty handed...I decided to use contrasting blue thread on the front. Not something that I would normally choose to do but maybe I should start doing.

Years ago when Mom bought this fabric she must of purchased the whole bolt.
What gives me that idea? So far, I made one of my first dresses from it, this skirt and there is still a small piece left!

I'm probably going to wear this for Easter! It feels good to have an Easter outfit ready even when I didn't even plan on having a new one!

Make sure to grab your copy of the Nita Wrap Skirt by SewDIY! (HERE) There is a coupon code!
I love mine and am already planning new versions! 
I'm thinking of a more formal version, maybe a mini corduroy one and another maxi with a sheer fabric would be a cute swimsuit cover-up!
Until next time!
-'- Jewel

iPhone photo

Fabric used on these projects: 2 5/8  yards (2.4003m)
Fabric sewn this year: 34 1/8 yards (31.2039m)
Fabric purchased this year: 19 7/8 yards (18.1737m)
Fabric stash-busted this year: 12 yards (10.9728m)
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