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Monday, March 14, 2016

Gathering Intel For The Cat Overalls {2016 Make Nine}

I've been researching for one of my 2016 Make Nine projects. The Cat overalls! (or dungarees)

The first thing I decided is they aren't going to be overalls but an overall dress. So a bib and a skirt rather then the connected pants. It'll be easier to fit and there's a much bigger chance that I'll actually wear them!
(A major thing to consider when you are planning sewing projects; Will I wear it?)

My first step has been collecting of different styles of overalls dresses via Pinterest. (See below)

Some of them I pinned to see how different styles of skirts look different with the varying bibs. One I saved just because it was an interesting choice of fabric...yet it worked!
The board is filled with overall dresses not all for inspiration for the Cat Overall Dress but also plain overall dresses. 

The main source for the whole cat idea is this "Cat a Fore Dress" from Lazy Oaf.
Source / Jewberly Emiris is not sponsored, endorsed or associated with, Lazy Oaf.
But other than using that as the main cat idea, the rest of the dress is going to be different.

Here's two of the patterns that have been considering for the skirt.

Left:  The Tedra Skirt is a pattern from my new sewing book Everyday Style by Lotta Jansdotter. A lady in the Sew-a-longs & Sewing Contests brought it to the groups attention. 
I think the a-line approach would work with a bib. I'd love to incorporate the pockets as well but I'm not sure if that will work with the cat design or the denim that I choose to sew.

Right: Is a Simplicity pattern Kimberly picked out for a couple of skater skirts.
I think it would look cute to have the bib the same size as the front pleats, the lines would satisfy.

Another idea I had was using THIS video tutorial by Annika Victoria.

There's so many options to consider! :)
-'- Jewel

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