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Saturday, January 31, 2015

White 'N' Red Stripe Dress

Tuesday's Thrift Store Score was the fabric I used for this dress. If you want to be blown out of the water with how much it was, go read "White 'N' Red Stripe Fabric". You will not regret it!...and maybe you won't think it's as awesome as I do. But, hey! That's fine too. lol
There is another Thrift Store Score throughout these pictures. Have an idea of what it is?? Click HERE to see!
-'- Jewel
Photography: TaMera

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thrift Store Score - White 'N' Red Stripe Fabric {McCall's 6754}

When shopping at thrift stores, it's hard to find a decent amount of decent fabric at a decent price. (Couldn't resist doing the "decent" three! lol)
I was thrilled, when I looked in the drawer at my favorite thrifting stop, and saw this bulk of fabric!

A dollar for 60 inches wide and 2 yards long?? Yes, please!

I used McCall's 6754 Dress D (sleeves C) a knit pattern because the fabric is stretchy. Although, I don't believe it is "technically" a knit. 

It was a fun and challenging dress to sew!

I did have some trouble with a few minor things but nothing that really matters.

Instead of rolling the neckline, I used bias tape because I felt like the dress needed something. It was the exact thing it needed.

I  also added two inches to the bottom of the skirt because I don't like short dresses.

In case, you want to sew a dress with raglan sleeves, it is good to know that there is a right and left sleeve. They aren't universal. ...Trust me, I learned it the hard way. lol
-'- Jewel
Photography: Jewel & TaMera

Saturday, January 24, 2015

On the road

This morning, I went to get my picture for today's photo challenge category "On the road". It was fun to go out and just take pictures. Something, I haven't done since October. 
This is the photo, I shared on Instagram and you get to see the rest! :)
Happy Saturday,
-'- Jewel

All photos: iPad mini

Friday, January 23, 2015

Photography 101 & 201

 This past Fall, I attended two photography courses (101 & 201) through our local collage's continuing education program.

While waiting for 301 to come around in March, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite photos from the two courses.

First up:

Photography 101

101 covered the automatic modes that most cameras have and a little bit of the technical side of the camera.

Photography 201

201 covered the manual modes of cameras and everything that goes with it!
One of the weeks we were giving a list of 10 different photo ops to do as an assignment. I can honestly say, I was the only person to do all ten!
One on the list was a night shoot with moving lights. The perfect opportunity came on a freezing cold night, when Dad had to go to Best Buy which is located on O street. (O street is a major street in Lincoln.)
It was soooo bitterly cold that I set my tri-pod up, put my camera on it, got in the car, rolled down the window and stuck my arm out to take the picture!
Another shot on the assignment was "panning". Where you move the camera with the subject to get the feeling of the subject moving.
Again Dad came to the rescue and said I could get some of him as he brought wood into the house.
I'm looking forward to 301! 
-'- Jewel

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thrift Store Scores ~ Knightly Buttons

I found this set of buttons the same day I found these buttons. $1 for eight.

Happy Thrift-ing!
-'- Jewel

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sunflower Dress from a Vintage Sheet

I made this dress back in March of 2014 for Easter. It was ready to wear the day before!
 I found the sheet at Goodwill in Austin, Texas for $5.99.
Mom and I had to put two patterns together because the skirt of the dress pattern was too full for the sheet.I used McCall's M6745 (C) for the bodice and McCall's M6706 (D) for the skirt. After making the dress, I still had a good amount of sheet left and decided to use the sheet for the bodice lining.
Hope you enjoyed this peek at this sewing project.
Happy Saturday,
-'- Jewel
Photography: Jewel & TaMera

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thrift Store Score ~ Reader's Digest - Complete Guide To Sewing Book

For a couple of months now, I have had the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing book on my thrift store "be on the lookout for" list. I finally found it! At Goodwill in Austin, Texas for $3.99!
With 519 pages of sewing knowledge. It's totally a complete book of sewing!
I used it as a reference while sewing my Berry Cute Cherry Dress.
I enjoy flipping through it and reading about this and that. :)
Happy Thrift-ing!
-'- Jewel

Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Berry Cute Cherry Dress

I bought this cherry fabric a long time ago for a pioneer dress. It was copyrighted in 2001 so I am not kidding how long ago it was! lol

I still love the print today and waited for the perfect project to use it on.

My last pattern shopping trip I found it, the perfect project for the cherry print fabric! A dress from Simplicity. Simplicity 1419; a Lisette, Sew Your Style Pattern to be exact.

The sewing process went smoother than I thought it would! Yay!

I was going to make it sleeveless but Kimberly talked me into the sleeves and I'm glad she did! I feel as though they help make the dress!

There were a bunch of sewing firsts for me in this pattern.
An invisible zipper, the collar, the sleeves, a blind hem, the facing and pockets.

I LOVE my dress so much!
-'- Jewel

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Thrift Store Score - 100% Wool Coat!

I have found my new favorite thrift store! It's ran by the Children's Guild of Mosaic and the proceeds go to the Mosaic. I love to shop at stores that tell you exactly what their mission is. 

Everything is a set price. Coats, for example, are $3! Yes, I got this coat for three one dollar bills!! (plus tax :P) 
With dry cleaning it came out to be about $20. Not bad at all.

It was made in the U.S.A by Forecaster of Boston and is 100% wool.

This was such a fun shoot! I grabbed TaMera and said "Let's go take some pictures!"
 It's a little big and in need of some altering. There may be a refashion coming in the future!
-'- Jewel 

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Christmas Wears

Christmas Day we went over to Tiffany & Jeff's! It was so much fun!
For the occasion we dressed all Christmas-y!
/ TaMera / earrings: shopko / shirt: $4 4th of july sale - furor moda / skirt: home & closet / brooches: thrifted vintage / shoes: goodwill /
/ Jewel / sweater: old navy / skirt: ross dress for less / leggings: target / bow: forever 21 /
 / Kimberly / jacket: ross dress for less / dress: gifted square dance dress / tights: target / shoes: plato's closet /
Jeff and Tiffany are still one of the cutest couples in my opinion! :)
Hope you had a fabulous time celebrating!
-'- Jewel
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