Friday, January 23, 2015

Photography 101 & 201

 This past Fall, I attended two photography courses (101 & 201) through our local collage's continuing education program.

While waiting for 301 to come around in March, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite photos from the two courses.

First up:

Photography 101

101 covered the automatic modes that most cameras have and a little bit of the technical side of the camera.

Photography 201

201 covered the manual modes of cameras and everything that goes with it!
One of the weeks we were giving a list of 10 different photo ops to do as an assignment. I can honestly say, I was the only person to do all ten!
One on the list was a night shoot with moving lights. The perfect opportunity came on a freezing cold night, when Dad had to go to Best Buy which is located on O street. (O street is a major street in Lincoln.)
It was soooo bitterly cold that I set my tri-pod up, put my camera on it, got in the car, rolled down the window and stuck my arm out to take the picture!
Another shot on the assignment was "panning". Where you move the camera with the subject to get the feeling of the subject moving.
Again Dad came to the rescue and said I could get some of him as he brought wood into the house.
I'm looking forward to 301! 
-'- Jewel

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