Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Stashbusting Totals

I did a lot of sewing this month! …I also bought some so the incoming outweighs the outgoing...


3 1/2 yards - Salamanca Jacket (Tested for Itch to Stitch)
1 7/8 yards: Simplicity 1364 Jiffy Top (SSW1) (Post coming soon)
1 yard: Copied T-shirt made with the leftover fabric from Kimberly's Kiomi Dress (Not blogged)

Total: 14 7/8 yards

Which isn't a bad amount… … … but because my favorite thrift store reopened after they moved… the … … 50 cents a yard… … lots of cotton… fabric!! Ruined it. 


4 yards at $2: Yellow Cotton (Pictured Above) Kimberly and I already have a plan for this.
3 yards at $1.50: Brownish/blue linen/cotton type fabric (Pictured Above)
10 yards (Yes TEN!) at $5: Pink Gingham!!!

Total: 17 yards (not counting vintage sheets for lining)

Honestly, I don't feel bad about the purchases! 
The day after, I planned out exactly how to use the 10 yards of Pink Gingham! …of course, it will be a long time before I can even start on it. But I am really excited!

I didn't even realize but for this month it's only up by 2 1/8 yards! Whoop! Thats even less then I thought I was going to be up! :D
-'- Jewel

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  1. Those thrift store deals are always hard to pass up. They get me too! Sounds like you got wise purchases though!


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