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Friday, March 04, 2016

February Stashbusting Totals

February has been a strange sewing month… I've sewed a lot and I also bought a lot. 

February was also sad as I found out my favorite fabric store Hancock Fabrics is closing. :( 
I enjoy the shopping experience there so much… 
I also had $80 worth of gift cards and after talking with the rest of the folks in the Stashbusting group on FaceBook we decided it would be best to use those up. Almost like a "free pass" to buy fabric. 
I was very focused in my buying only buying the fabric that I loved (Black and white checkered) and two other fabrics for specific projects. (You can see them below) 

But first here's the roundup of the used!

- 1 3/4 yards: Simplicity 1692 (Unblogged)
- 1 7/8 yards: Simplicity 1364 (Unblogged)

Total: 15 7/8 yards!!


- 2 yards: Yellow fabric for a pair of shorts
- 4 7/8 yards: Black and White Checkered (THAT I LOVEEEEEEE)
- 2 yards: Denim for a pair of jeans

- 3 3/4 yards - Multi colored tweed ($4)
- 2 yards: Thrifted Tablecloth for Recyled Fabric ($5)
- 2 1/4 yards: Thrifted Orange Tablecloth for Bags! ($5)

Total: 14 7/8 yards :( 
The in was quite a bit more than I would of liked. But they are all fabric's that I like and am planning to use. (Basically no stupid purchases)

Even with my purchases the stash is down 1 yard this month!! YAY!!

Now how about this year??

Sewn: 25 5/8 yards
Bought: 19 7/8 yards
Out This Year: 6 3/4 yards

This month's purchases did not help me in my stash busting…but at least I'm still down!! 

Excited to see what March holds!!
-'- Jewel

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