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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Create an album on Facebook for the SSW:SE

This is an informational post for those of us in the Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests group taking part in the Seasonal Sew Wardrobe:Sleepwear Edition!
(If you would like to join...all the information you need to know is HERE)

There's been some discussion about how to create an photo album in the group page for the Seasonal Sew Wardrobe. (SSW) With so many different Facebook applications out there it's hard to make a general instruction so today I'm going to be sharing some of the most prominent platforms.


Starting from the Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests group page.

1. Click the "Photos" tab directly underneath the cover photo and title in the menu bar.
2. Click "+ Create an album" button to the right of the screen. (Underneath the "search this group" bar)
3. Choose a photo to upload for your Album cover from your computer.
4. Change date (left hand corner) to your name and SSW:SE.
5. Click Post (bottom left had corner)
6. Congratulations! Your album is created and ready for you to add the rest of the photos at anytime!

Android Phone

Courtesy of Crystal

Starting in the Sew Alongs & Sewing Contest page.

1. Select "info" from the top of the group page

2. Select "photos"

3. Select "Albums"
4. Select "Create New Album"
5. Change album title to one that contains your name and SSW:SE so that your wardrobe pictures can be easily found.
6. Add an album description if you like
7. Hit "create"
8. Add photos now or later as desired.


Starting at the Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests page.

1. Click to add a photo on the main page.
2. Choose photo
3. Underneath your name at the top of the screen: click "+ Album"
4. Choose "Create Album"
5. Name the title to include your name and SSW:SE
5b. If you would like add a description!
6. Click "Save"
7. Click "Upload" (You can add a caption to the photo as well if you'd like)
Congratulations! Your album is now created to add more photos now or later!

Facebook Groups App

(Courtesy of Amy)

On iPhone if you're in the groups app - 
1. Go to the group. At the bottom you'll see pic icon which takes you to photos. 
2. At top of that, there is an Albums tab. Click that. 
3. Then, at the very top right, click the + to create your album!

Hope this helps you and if you have any questions don't hesitate to comment below! 
Happy Sleepwear Sewing!
-'- Jewel


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and post this! It was very helpful for me. :) Lisa


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