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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Overall Dress - Vintage Simplicity 7006 {SSW1}

This project started unlike any other and it could not of happened without the help and love of friends.
You may be thinking that I'm stretching the truth but I'm not! 
The main fabric was found at a garage sale by my sister who lives in Texas.
The pattern was from a sweet friend who found it thrifting.
The scraps of fabric I used for the lining and facings was from my Grandmothers stash and the only thing I actually bought was the overall buckles, top stitching thread and buttons!
Much different then my other projects.

This may come out weird...but...this overall dress is so full of love!
What I mean by that is, so many people gave my the materials to make it, my family gave me incredible amounts of support and I feel like I put my all into it.
Maybe that's partly because I finished it nine hours before the SSW1 deadline!

I guess I'm just proud and blessed!
Proud because I feel like this is one of my best works...even with the mistakes and blessed because so many people "thought of me" while out and about in their lives.

The pattern is Simplicity 7006 from 1976!
Since it's a vintage pattern and came in one size I had to add width for my unique shaped body. 
Fitting vintage patterns differ from modern patterns. For modern patterns I can grade between the sizes because the smaller sizes are nested into the larger. 
(I basically end up making three different sizes but because I'm tracing it onto different paper it's one pattern piece therefore one fabric piece
Vintage patterns come with only the one size so the fitting is more manual with a lot more math!
The fabric is a denim and has a pattern throughout that reminds me of a herringbone pattern.
The top-stitching thread, overall buckles and four of the buttons are from my precious trip to Hancock to use my gift cards before it closed... *moment of silence please*
I ordered the other six from the manufacturer's website thankfully they let you purchase online or I would've been up a creek without a paddle!

The back bib was a little tricky and unfortunately...I made it harder for myself...
When I was adding width, I added 5/8" to the center back. (on the front I cut it on the fold)
I was cutting the lining as I was sewing because I wanted to use as many scraps as possible.
The time came for me to cut the back bib lining I cut it without adding the 5/8" to the center! Of course, I didn't figure this out until I had already top-stitched the straps and diamond... There was no way for me to stretch the lining to fit and be top-stitched down over the waist seam so I knew I had to come up with a solution.
Because there was NO way I was un-picking all that top-stitching and re-sewing it. (Making cutting a new lining out of the picture)
My "fix" was un-picking the center back seam up as far as I could and re-sewing the seam at a 1/8" seam allowance.
I don't think I've ever been so happy with not trimming the seam allowance after I sewed the seam!
The effect of a dart was created on the back bib lining and I was able to ease it to fit!
But this mistake (caused by not reading my notes...) is what made that tiny pleat under the diamond. Although, to me, it creates a little design detail! Who knew! ;)

Here you can see it coordinates with some of my other Seasonal Sew Wardrobe pieces!

Well, that's all I have to share!
Happy Sewing and Smiling!
-'- Jewel

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