Monday, May 09, 2016

Tiffany's 1960's Robe for Christmas! {Vintage Simplicity 1074}

Yes you read the title right. 
I made this robe for Tiffany for Christmas. I sewed the robe in November, gave it her on Christmas, took these pictures in January and finally am sharing it today! Better late than never...right?? lol
Over New Years, I shared with her my idea for the photoshoot. A retro inspired shoot and I really, really wanted her hair to be up in rollers! She rocked it!

I don't really remember much about sewing the robe since it was so long ago! 
I do know it is cozy to wear and that the flannel cost me $1.50 at my favorite thrift-ing spot!

"HE did WHATT???"
"I'm going to be one of those creepy mannequins"

I still love the way these photos came out!
-'- Jewel

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