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Friday, May 06, 2016

A Different Colored Bobbin [Sewing Tip]

Some fabrics wrong side look identical to the right side. ...and I used to hate using any fabric like that until I figured something out that changed the way I sew with them forever!

Take this chambray. It's soft, looks nice and doesn't have an apparent wrong side. Which doesn't matter but you might end up with a troublesome problem. Like having a to unpick a dart because you sewed the bodice front's the same without realizing it since you couldn't tell which side was the right side.

I figured this tip out entirely by accident!
I was sewing and being to lazy to change the bobbin thread before staystitching the bodice I left the white thread in...and out of my laziness came brilliance! 

All of the sudden I could tell exactly which side was the right side and which side wasn't! (So many "which's" lol))

Staystitching stays in the seam allowance and shouldn't show in the finished project. So you don't need to worry about the different colored thread showing through.

But what if you aren't going to staystitch?
I would suggest doing a short straight stitch inside the seam allowance. Like an inch or so long. Just so you have a marker but not adding extra bulk/weight in your seam allowance.

Was this tip helpful? I hope so! Let me know by commenting below!
-'- Jewel

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