Sunday, May 01, 2016

April Stashbusting Overview


- 2 Yards Yellow Twill (Bought in February) for Simplicity 8058 (Not yet blogged)


+ 2 yards thrifted Chambray
+ 4 yards of secret fabric for secret project ($2.70 a yard)
+ 4 yards of secret fabric for secret project ($4 a yard)
+ 1 thrifted vintage sheet
+ 4 3/8 yards thrifted floral chiffon

This month's numbers are pretty depressing...But thankfully I don't feel bad about the buys, only that sewed one item and the majority of that item was sewn the end of March! Really, that gets me. 

I have figured out something that is killing my want to sew. 
Subtracting my buys from the stash-busted total. This might sound like a excuse...but it's not. 
For me it's doing more bad then good. I start wading in the thought that I'm actually not accomplishing anything. Which isn't true! Because I've been spending my time creating and anytime you create, it's not a waste. Whether it looks decent or not. ;)

Most of the fabric that I've bought this year (excluding some of the thrifted pieces) have been for specific projects or because it's filling a "hole" in my stash, per se. 

For example, I don't have large enough pieces of material suitable for pants in my stash. That's where the yellow twill (mentioned above) comes in and the denim I bought in February as well. I want to start experimenting in other areas of sewing but cotton (unfortunately) can't be used for everything. (My stash is overloaded with cotton, mostly quilting cotton to be exact)

At the end of my posts or in the monthly overview, I will no longer be sharing how much I "stash-busted." 
Instead, at the end of projects posts; I'll share how much I used on the project and the total of how much fabric I sewed the entire year. (Like I did last year)
I will continue to include how much fabric I purchase in the monthly overview but no longer subtracting the purchases from the entire year sewed total. 

I hope that made sense and I also hope that this will help me get out of this rut of not wanting to sew. 

To clarify, I will still be focusing my attention on using the fabric I already own and limiting myself on what I can buy to keep the stash at bay. 
Thanks for reading and letting me share these overview posts with you! I hope I didn't bore you to death with this one. haha

Happy sewing,
-'- Jewel

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