Monday, March 02, 2015

2015 Stashbusting Sewalong

Today, a sewing blogger I follow, posted about a stash buster that she had just pledged to do and I thought it would be a great thing to do, myself! Considering, I have already used two fabrics from my stash this year! (One I just finished today! :))

I am starting three months late...But there is no better time then NOW! :)

You guys are going to be my accountability so here it goes...

"I, Jewel, commit to using 12 pieces of stash fabric in 2015. I also commit to not buying any new fabric/patterns except for lining and some notions until I have made at least six projects from my stash."

I know, I will probably be able to do more...I just have no idea what the rest of the year is going to be like. So much "new" coming for me, I'm not sure when I'll be able to sew. That's the reason I chose 12 pieces, one for each month!  A somewhat easy goal for whatever my schedule will be.

I looking forward to telling you all about it! 

Talk to you soon! 
-'- Jewel

To find out more about the sew along visit the Stashbusting Sewalong 2015 Headquarters HERE!


  1. Many years ago, my mom made me a pair of shorts out of that exact same red bandana fabric. :)

    1. Lesley, how cool!
      My mom used to make me shorts (and shirts to match the shorts) when I was younger, too!

      -'- Jewel


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