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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Thrift Store Score - Kearney Pattern Haul

Every year, we go to Kearney and have fun...while Dad sits in a seminar. ;) Of course, we went thrifting and I found some keepers!

Vintage Caftan Pattern

Going through the Salvation Army, nothing was really calling my name until I came to the craft area. On a bottom shelf was a box of patterns. Digging through, I didn't see any that interested me, that is, until the second to last one. Yes, that's where I saw this Caftan pattern. 

I quickly answered all the questions my brain threw at me.
Unique pattern or clothing type? Yep!
In our* sizes? Absolutely. It's a one size pattern! (*Kimberly, TaMera or me)
Easy to modernize? With the right fabric!
Good price? Totally...not much you can buy with forty-five cents, anymore!

And the last question, I couldn't answer until we were back at the hotel.
All the pattern pieces? Thankfully, that ended up being a yes, too!

This simple to sew in a jiffy pattern takes a whopping 5 1/8" worth of material! Like, whoa! The finished bottom width comes in at 102". 

Thank you Patti for donating to your Salvation Army! I thank you! :)

Simplicity Retro 1940's Dress Pattern

We stopped at the thrift store called U Can Offer.
Last year, I found my "Reading Railroad Bookends" there and was hopeful to find something again!
My finding this pattern was much like that of the Caftan pattern. A box on the bottom shelf of the craft area. The only difference, this was a box of all brand new Simplicity patterns! 

I only bought the ones I knew I might make one day. 
Like a 1940's dress? Why did I even make that a question? Or that? hahaha

Because it was a box of new patterns it had both size envelopes! At $2, I went with both!

I'm thinking about watching some Agent Carter and getting inspiration!

Simplicity Project Runway Dress Pattern

I have never bought a Project Runway inspired pattern and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed! There are six different variations to the one pattern! S-I-X! If you divide $2 by 6 that's 33 cents per dress! 

 Look at the purple dress! I love the sleeves!

Simplicity 1940's Blouse Pattern

This pattern is a blouse reprint from the 1940s.
I love that it's a button down with a feminine shape and that bow in the back! Perfection!

 A blouse is something I have never sewn before. This looks quite simple. ...Maybe not the buttons and button holes. :) Not going to let those get me down!

 I wonder if any of the buttons I've found semi-recently would work? You can see those HEREHERE and HERE.
-'- Jewel

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  1. I always enjoy reading about your unique, thrifty finds!


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