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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2017 Make Nine

With just eleven more days of 2016 I thought it was time to make my nine-item goal for 2017!

Before we jump into the list of nine items I want to make...let's talk about 2016's list and how I did...
  • I made three out of nine.
  • Yes. 
  • Three. 
Terrible I know...
Looking back I think I was too specific. Many of the un-made items I still want to make (such as Cat Overalls/Dungarees, a cape for Mom, something with lace and a button-up) but maybe where I went wrong was having the list so detailed and specific.

This year I'm taking a different approach.
I've been taking notes of gaps in my wardrobe and filled the list with the majority of those.

  • 1. Relaxed Fitting Pants
I've noticed that I'm lacking in relaxed...lounging (if you will) pants. 
When I'm sitting at my desk sewing you'll usually find me wearing denim capris. They aren't the most comfortable pair of pants or the most efficient. When it's time to try something on it's un-button, un-zip and then reverse. Whereas a elastic band would make trying on so much faster...which is a more productive use of my time.

  • 2. Little Black Dress
This year, has been a year of loss for me. More funerals then I wish to attend in three hundred and sixty-five days and every time I found out about the next service it was to the closet I went...trying to find something respectable to wear. 
I don't like dark colors and I don't wear black! I absolutely love bright prints so my closet has an abundance but naturally that's not something you wear to an occasion such as this.
My plan is two black dresses (or outfits) that are cute, can be dressed up for classier events and are respectable for funerals. 

  • 3. A Classic Button-Up
It's no secret I want to sew a classic button-up. Hey, I even tried to sew one last year by putting it on the list! A classic button-up is going to happen in 2017. Period. 

  • 4. Adorable Aprons
When you work at a cafe (located on the campus of your community college) you find yourself in black, navy, dark green or red boring aprons... but since I sew; I can change that! The aprons just need to do the job of an apron (protect your clothes) and look cute while doing it! ;)
I have a few patterns to choose from with varying styles and coverage choices. Now to decide on what fabric would be the best?

  • 5. Workout/Gym Bag
My current bag barely has enough room for me gym shoes and a pair of socks. (Not kidding!) Forceably, I make it fit my exercise clothes or my work clothes depending. It's just not working. 😑 
I haven't decided on a pattern for sure but two of the options are Elsa Everyday Tote from "Everyday Style" by Lotta Jansdotter or the Cooper bag by Colette Patterns. I'd make slight modifications to both patterns because I'll be using it for a gym bag.

  • 6. Yoga Mat Carrying Bag
I'll need to make (at least) two yoga mat carrying bags; one for my yoga mat and one for Kimberly's.
Lotta Jansdotter has the Cecilia Yoga Bag pattern in her book "Everyday Style" which I'll be using.

  • 7.  Vogue 9201 Shirtdress
Every time, I start planning a new garment...I pull this pattern out.
There's a fabric I'd love to use but the pattern calls for more fabric them I have. I'm hoping after looking at the actual pieces of the pattern I can figure out a way to make it work!
We'll just have to wait and see...

  • 8. Elliott Berman Textiles Digital Printed Wool/Silk Blend Classic Dress
Back in September of 2015 I won the September Sew-A-Long with my sewing group "Sew-A-Longs & Sewing Contests". (Join our group HERE) A part of the prize package was a gorgeous printed fabric from Elliott Berman Textiles! The print is absolutely breathtaking. It has taken me this long to figure out what style of garment is needed with such a unique and beautiful print.
It'll be a classic a-line skirt with a simple bodice and basic sleeves which will let the fabric do ALL the talking.

  • 9. Jumpsuit
Jumpsuits have been on trend for awhile...and hopefully they aren't going to go anywhere because I want one!
Not as if it being on trend is going to determine if I sew one or not. ;)
We have a few modern patterns in the stash and also a vintage pattern I'd love to make!

Do you have any sewing goals for 2017? Or have any pattern suggestions for some of mine? Comment below and let me know!


Come visit us on our new Jewberly Emiris blog home!

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