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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Reflections on Sew With Me September (The Sew-A-Long)

Overwhelmed with blessings.

That's seems to describe what I'm feeling.

I haven't formally announced it but I was the winner for the "Sew With Me Sew-A-Long". I think the reason being; I was am still in shock.

I won the Sew-A-Long with an ensemble of red heart cotton printed fabric that I used because I was bothered by it still being in the stash!

One of the things I enjoy about the Sew-A-Long group is you aren't judged by your sewing experience or how well you did. If you finish the project (In September's case, four coordinating pieces) by the end of the allotted time (and share it with the group) you are entered to win!

The Prizes

In no particular order I'm going to share the prizes!
Some of them were predetermined and others were chose from a list.

The Boxy Bag from So Sew Easy (PDF Pattern)

In the midst of making my Cargo Duffle Bag, Dad mentioned that he'd like a better bag for his gym stuff. Right now, he's using a square tote bag which he likes the size of but wishes it had a zipper and some stability in the sides. I'm pretty certain the Boxy Bag made bigger will be the answer!

Had to share this adorable patchwork one that I found online! -->
(Click on "Source" to go get more info on the bag pictured)


Angelina Shorts from Itch To Stitch (PDF Pattern)

I used the process of elimination for the pattern from Itch To Stitch!
She has some great patterns and this was the only way that seemed logical for me to get her an answer in a timely manner. 
The Angelina Shorts won out because I can't recall ever seeing a shorts pattern like this before. 
I love the golden buttons and am wishing it was closer to warm weather so I could stitch some up!

Zaria Flow Skirt from Named Clothing (PDF Pattern)

Named Clothing let me choose a pattern from their 2 recent collections. Let me tell you...that was still too broad of a choice range! They have amazing patterns in both that it was still an incredibly hard decision. I enlisted Kimberly's help and we got it narrowed down to this 2 in 1 skirt pattern.

The pencil skirt version, has some cute top-stitching detail! I'm starting to figure out that I love small details in clothes! 

Finlayson Sweater from Thread Theory 

Thread Theory is focused on getting quality menswear patterns to the home sewer and I couldn't be more pleased!

Thread Theory's pattern packages are the coolest! They come in a folder instead of an envelope, they include a garment tag for your make and a booklet full of the instructions and other useful information!
Cannot wait to get started on sewing my first piece of menswear!

Cross Body Bag from So Sew Easy (PDF Pattern)

I've got the bag making bug while stitching up the Cargo Duffle and I wanted to have something more challenging up my sleeve. When I saw the Cross Body Bag which includes zipper pockets, a metal enclosure, adjustable and removable straps...I said
"This is it!"

Fabric from Elliot Berman Fabrics

Wow. It's the most beautiful fabric I have ever seen! It is stunning! 
Top Fabric: Digital Print Wool Silk Gazar from J. Mendel
Middle Fabric: Italian Cashmere Angora Wool Coating from Calvin Klein
Bottom Fabric: Classic Satin Brocade from Chanel

A cool tidbit is I had been looking for a online dealer with wools and finer fabric and here one gets dropped in my lap!!

Wow, it was such an amazing experience and I really need to get to sewing some if these!

-'- Jewel

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