Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Vintage Faux Fur Coat {Thrift Store Score}

Of course I had to edit at least two with a vintage vibe! ;)

It's been awhile since I've shared a Thrift Store Score...probably because thrifting has become more of an occasional event then almost weekly like I was a couple years ago.

My NEW winter coat was from one of my thrifting trips not so long ago...a vintage faux fur coat found at Goodwill for $9.99!

I was a little worried how it was going to come out after being cleaned.
The coat says "Dry Clean Only" but our dry cleaner doesn't do fur (faux or real) so I decided to just wash it in the washing machine. It'd either get clean or fall apart... Thankfully it came out just fine!
If you're curious I washed it in-side out, on the gentle cycle and took it out as soon as it was done washing. Letting it hang dry both ways out, I brushed the fur down with my hand before it dried and it was a no complaint process!

I'm actually a bit amazed how warm it is! Which why should I be?? It's heavier then the coat I was wearing!

-'- Jewel

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