Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Gingham Christmas {Simplicity 1099}

I almost forgot to share my my Christmas Eve outfit!
It's Simplicity 1099 the same pattern I used for Kimberly's skirt here!

The fabric is a polyester and it really has a formal feeling to it.
I paired it with a thrifted blouse that's also is polyester but it has more of a silk feel whereas the skirt has more of a taffeta feel to it.
The blouse actually has a traditional collar like a typical button up but it looks better folded underneath.

It's one of the of the most beautiful and fun outfits that I have ever worn. I feel so regal and lady-like in it!

This project is going down as a win!
-'- Jewel

See the skirt in action in episode 5 of Sewing Desk Sit-Down HERE!

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