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Saturday, January 02, 2016

AccompList / 2016 Make Nine Edition \

I have a ton of goals for 2016. 
I also have a lot of goals for the month of January. 
This year I am the stereotypical goal maker. Making way too many and (most likely) un-achievable goals. ...Some in an exceptionally short amount of time but let's put that aside... ;)

2016 Make Nine

  On Instagram, the hashtag #2015BestNine became popular - sharing nine best photos from the past year. Many people were doing their most liked as the best nine, many makers did their best nine projects and then there was me...trying to figure out what mine were of either category. 
  Until Rochelle from Lucky Lucille posted her nine with this caption:

"Instead of #2015BestNine I'm doing a #2016MakeNine! What are some things you'd like to make this year?"

  Now that hashtag is SO up my alley!! 
  I jumped on it right away and here are my projects:

1. White Shirt Dress:

I love shirt dresses; they are probably my favorite style of dresses! When I came across this image on Pinterest I knew it was something I wanted to sew! 

The pattern I'm going to be using is a 1950's reprint Butterick 5556 because I already own the pattern and it will give it a slightly less "white button up shirt with a skirt attached" type feel to the dress.

My plan for the fabric is to use one of the white vintage sheets that's in the stash. 

Update 05/27/16: See the finished dress HERE!

2. Another 1950s Dress for TaMera:

Kimberly was looking through Instagram when she saw this 1950's vintage dress for sale at a vintage shop. The dress is the same style as Simplicity 1459 (reprint of a 1950's pattern). 

I've made it twice with varying details for TaMera and this dress shows another way to change up the same pattern. 

3. Phoebe Dress by Colette Patterns:

Phoebe was just released last month and I fell in and hard.
In celebration of the release they offered a 15% discount off the pattern. I knew I was going to buy the pattern sometime so why not buy it on sale?

It's a simple design and I think that's another reason I was drawn to it. So many of my dresses have lots of gathering or pleating for tummy coverage and this one just has a simple subtle flare with the two darts on the front.

Update 02/22/16: See the finished Phoebe HERE

4. 1960s Shift Dress for Tiffany

In the off chance that Tiffany actually reads my blog...I'm not going to say to much about this project because I want it to be a semi-surprise.

(I found the perfect fabric in my stash and can't wait to get started on it!!)

5. Something With Lace

I feel like I'm to the level of sewing where I can try something with lace or sheer fabric and then I read this article which says, according to Met, that a trend this spring will be lace and sheer fabric. Uh...perfect timing!!

Now I don't have any patterns in mind or even any fabric...I just know its something I want to do!

6. Camden Cape for Mom

In November when I received the email exclaiming that the new Seamwork issue had been released the first thing I noticed was the cape!! I showed Mom and she said
"Okay, you can make me one too!"
and replied with an excited "yes!!"
I've only sewn one thing for Mom so far and can't wait to sew the cape for her!

I also have it the back of my mind to make one for myself but I'm not sure if that will happen this year.

7. Cat Overall (Dungarees)

I don't remember how I came across this pair of overalls on Instagram but I did and instantly took a screenshot! 

Overalls are another thing that I want to sew sometime so why not make them a fun pair?

I like the way the bib is quite small compared to other styles of overalls. Which is a detail that I like. 

I saw a tutorial on drafting your own pair of overalls and I think I'm going to try that on this project. 

UPDATE 03/14/16: Read the current plan for the Cat Overalls HERE

8. A Button Up

But not just any button up...A well fitted button up.
For my body shape, button ups are either to big or to tight in some area of my body...that's why I'm super excited for this month's sew-a-long in the Sewing Contests and Sew-A-Long Facebook group! Because we are going to be sewing button ups lead by master shirt maker David Page Coffin! I'm am literally giddy about this!! Just so "sew" excited!!!
(You can see his preview post here)

That is why I am pretty certain by the end of the year I will have a well fitting button up tailored just to me!!

9. Zinnia Skirt

When I first found Colette Patterns maybe two years ago? (I know it was before really started sewing) I really wanted to make this skirt but I didn't buy it at the time. I think because it wasn't time for me to. I needed better skills and an understanding of fabrics more then when you've made one apron. ;)

I almost didn't order it this time around BUT because of the Phoebe pattern and the Seamwork Annual (more on that later) it was going to be just a few more dollars to purchase it and get free shipping too!
This flower child (zinnia? this baby? okay, it's a stretch/bad joke from Kimberly) is going to be made this year!!

Well, that's my sewing plan for the year of 2016 ...however, this post doesn't include my crazy sewing plan for just the month of January... *nervous laugh*

Let's AccompList stuff this year!
-'- Jewel

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