Friday, January 22, 2016

1940's Button Up {Simplicity 0229/1590}

I made another blouse for work! 
It's Simplicity 1590 in the polka-dotted cotton I bought last May at Hobby Lobby in Texas. 

The buttons were found at the B & B and are almost a perfect color match! Awesome!! 
Especially, since they cost me a dollar for 24 buttons!

 I seem to be on the ropes about the pattern. It's like...I'm not sure if I like it or not. I just can't decide!

Either way it's be great for work!
-'- Jewel

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Fabric used on this project: 2 yards (1.8288m)
Fabric used since January 1st, 2016: 4 3/4 yards (4.3434m)
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  1. I love the color and the fit, but I can't decide on the peplum.

    1. The peplum (on me) seems to leave the mind confused! lol ;)

  2. Very cute- I like! Perhaps it may be a hair too long waisted? I have issues there with button downs and peplums......

    1. Hmmm "a hair too long waisted" that could totally be it! :)


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