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Sunday, January 03, 2016

AccompList / January Edition \

Yesterday I shared about my goals for the year and hinted heavily that I had even more for January.


I do.

Probably way too many than I'll actually be able to accomplish but what does every wall hanging say..."Reach for the stars"....when in reality you will never, ever literally reach them.

Image: Pattern Review
The Pattern Stash Contest 

I found out about the Pattern Stash Contest because we are doing a "mini contest" in the Stashbusting group.
It's not really a contest between us in the sewing group as much as it is a jump start to get through some of our stashed patterns with lot's of encouragement and motivation!

My goal is to use 5 of my eligible patterns but there is a reason why I haven't made most of them yet.
(Two of my 2016 Make Nine projects work for the contest!)

You can read more about the contest on Pattern Review HERE

Image: Instagram
January Sew-A-Long - Button Up

This month's theme in the Sew-A-Long group is shirts. We'll be sewing shirts tailored to our own body shapes.

David Page Coffin will be leading and teaching us his techniques. I've already been studying some of his book The Shirtmaking Workbook.

I have no idea what fabric I'm going to use or even what top/blouse I'm going to pattern draft it after...but I'm extremely excited and ready to learn!
Hospital Nursing Gown

Samantha is due at the end of February and asked me to sew her a gown to wear in the hospital (after having my nephew!!) that is thicker and easy to nurse in - while still looking nice for visitors.

She chose a soft flannel for the fabric and we have decided to use a vintage robe pattern with a few modifications.

So that's the plan for January! I get January 18th off so that will (hopefully) be an extra day of sewing!
-'- Jewel

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