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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sew With Me September - The Cargo Duffle Bag

Whew! I finished my bag! The last component of my coordinates for the Sew-A-Long. 
After not having time to work on it Saturday or Sunday, I was starting to get worried that I wouldn't get it completed!
I worked all day yesterday, to get it finished.

The pattern is free from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. (You can get here.
I omitted the pocket flaps and next time around, I'm going to make the handles skinnier. It's slightly awkward holding it with them being so wide.

There are a few mistakes...(per usual) but for my first bag I'm super happy! 

I didn't know if the hearts were going too much and a little childish but it turned out okay!

The bag gave me the opportunity to use the walking foot that came with the Singer sewing machine I thrift-ed back in June. 
(I'll share it with ya'll one of these days...
All I can say is..."Wow!" Walking feet make a ton of difference! 
Along with the power of the all metal machine and the foot it sewed all the layers of fabric like a dream! 

From the stash:
- Fabric
- Thread
- Zipper
- Interfacing
From the store:
- Quilt Batting

The Run Down of all the pieces...

I had a blast doing the Sew-A-Long! It was fun to stretch myself with having to coordinate everything and I'm so happy to have that heart fabric out of the stash! 
If it wasn't for the Sew-A-Long the heart fabric would still be in the stash and I would still be puzzled on what to make with it! 
I also really enjoyed the time frames put on each project as it helped keep me productive!

Speaking of the time frames... I thought my next project would be to keep working on the 1950s dress for a friend. ...TaMera had a different plan! She asked me to make her a fall shirt for an event on Saturday!! *enter freaked out emoji*

Off to frantically start sewing a blouse!
-'- Jewel

Fabric busted on these projects: 2 yards (1.8288 m)
Fabric busted since March 1st, 2015: 57 5/8 yards. (52.6923 m)
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