Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tattered & Torn ["Fix"ashion]

I found Grandmother's “fix it” pile from the farm, (my Grandmother hasn't lived on the farm for over 20 years.) There were some great quality farm shirts in the storage box.

This is a shirt that any normal person would have thrown away. ...But, I'm not normal so of course I kept it.

  • The sleeves had been removed leaving fraying armholes. 
  • The side seams were coming apart. 
  • The pocket flaps were hanging on by a thread. 
  • The worst part? All the yoke seams were coming out. If you held it up with two fingers it looked beyond repair.

One thing that was holding on amazingly was the collar! 
How could I let that amazing collar go to waste?? 
The answer is, I couldn't. 
  • The first step was getting the yoke under control. I did my best to follow what looked like the old stitching line.
  • Next was re-sewing the side seams.
  • Then rolling the armholes. 

When inspecting the shirt in the mirror I noticed the armholes were big. Annoyingly, big. 

How I made the armholes smaller is hard to I won't. But, it did make it look like a pleat which was totally unexpected!

These are TaMera awesome cat earrings she let me wear!

The shirt came out like I imagined! The first time a “fix”ashion or refashion has!
-'- Jewel

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