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Thursday, October 01, 2015

September Stashbusting Overview

September was a fun month! 
I participated in my first sew-a-long using fabric from the stash!

The Subtracting...

From the stash:

1 3/8 yards - Sew-A-Long Shorts

8 yards out this month...not as impressive as August. But I am not complaining as I learned a lot of new techniques this month! Oh, and all that quilting on the bag...took, what felt like, FOREVER! lol 

Onto the addition...

Added to the stash: 
- Unmeasured Fabric from My Grandmother

- 1 Full Vintage Sheet with Daises from the B & B (3-4 yards)

The sheet was so adorable I couldn't leave there for someone to use as a plain ol' sheet. (Haha
I'm thinking a crop top & high waisted skirt combo or something along those lines! 

- 8 yards Art Gallery Fabric Elements won on Instagram (Pictured)

Well, this was not intentional. 
I reposted the photo thinking there wasn't a chance in the world I'd win and so the other sewists that follow me would know about the giveaway. (Seriously. Not joking.) And I was speechless when they commented that I had won!

Because the out matched perfectly with the fabric I won... I know more was added than I sewed. 
I'm still amazed at the almost 58 yards I've sewn since joining the 2015 Stashbusting Group in March!

My new goal is to make it to 100 yards by the end of the year!

Is that doable? I'm hoping so!
-'- Jewel

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