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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Little Rough Around The Edges... {Simplicity 1196}

It was cold this morning when we took these photos. I'm surprised you can't see my goosebumps in the pictures! (Promise, I didn't use airbrush lol) I wanted to get the photos taken so I could work on finishing the skirt that was also on my sewing desk. (The skirt is finished, photographed and waiting to be written up! Yay

This dress was supposed to be a changing season type dress rather then a sun dress, It wasn't supposed to be sleeveless but the long sleeves with the pattern came out tiny!
(The pattern did give arm measurements)
Since, I'm trying to use the stash fabric I didn't have enough to make bigger sleeves.

The image that I had in my head (for the dress) was really cute and I still wish it would worked out.
...I'll have to keep it in mind for another time.

The pattern is Simplicity 1196 and the fabric is all from my Grandmother.

I'm glad that I actually stuck it through on this dress...even after the mountain of problems.
I named this post "Little Rough Around the Edges" because frankly it is.
Up close and on the inside you can see the "roughness". lol

It didn't come out at all like I planned...but it's still alright!
I might not wear until the spring though. haha

 For my next project, I really want to sew a pair of Moji Pants from Seamwork Magazine. They would be great for work pants! :)

I'll also be joining in on the Japanese Knot Bag sew-a-long (here) you should join, too! It's going to be a ton of fun!
-'- Jewel

Fabric busted on this project: 3 1/8 yards (2.8575 m)
Fabric busted since March 1st, 2015: 63 1/8 yards. (57.7215 m)
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