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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tickled Pink Dress

When I came home over Easter, I brought just a carry-on suitcase to cut down on traveling costs. I was only home for a few days but still managed to run out of things to wear. Jewel & I are very different body shapes, (especially on top) but she prompted me to try on her cherry dress. Wonder of wonders, it fit!

She had always said she didn't want to make me a dress until I was home so she could fit it just right. But when we found out this pattern fit perfectly, she sewed one for me! 

Needless to say, I was just TICKLED PINK.

I think I was seven or eight the very first time I read The Chronicles Of Narnia. This week I've been rereading them for probably the hundredth time. The Horse & His Boy is still my favorite, but I have a new found appreciation for The Magician's Nephew (my photo shoot co-star.)

Jewel made this dress from the Simplicity 1419 Lissette pattern, the same as her Berry Cute Cherry Dress

This chair is one of three given to me by a friend. He was cleaning the garage and yard of an elderly woman when she asked him to bring the chairs to Goodwill. Knowing my love of vintage, he asked if he could give them to someone he knew instead. I was very, very excited.

~ Kimberly

Sewn in April of 2015.
Fabric busted on this project: 2 3/8 yards (2.286 m)
Fabric busted since March 1st, 2015: 29 1/4 yards. (26.7462 m)
See Jewel's pledge and get more information on the 2015 Stashbusting Sewalong HERE

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