Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Garage Sale Scores // Vintage Pyrex Bowl

It's the premiere of a new mini-series! 
Thrift Store Scores will be taking a short break and during it's absence Tuesday will be the new home of  Garage Sale Scores!

To start off this red hot mini-series is this Vintage Pyrex Bowl that is sure to please!

TaMera, Caty, Emme, (our cousins) and I had been out garage sale hopping all morning, it was lunchtime and we all agreed it was about the end of our shopping day. I forgot to mention it was also in the 90s...

We pulled up to a muti-family sale and started scouting... it was looking a little dissapointing, until we got to the back. There were some older looking pots, pans and such.

TaMera was the first to notice the vintage Pyrex bowls.

This red one was marked for a dollar! There was no question that this bowl was coming home with us!

Last year, while out thrifting, I found an entire set of this style of bowls for $50!?! Now that's a steep price for me to pay then. But how can you go wrong for a dollar??

TaMera and I haven't figured out who'll get the bowl, yet...I hope we find another one before that day comes! ;)
-'- Jewel

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