Friday, May 01, 2015

April Stashbusting Overview

Well, April is over...I've had a pretty good stashbusting month! Here's all the details:


1/4 yard - of red...umm...something silky...I don't remember what the exact name of it. 
I'm working on refashioning a romper (that looks hideous on me) into something wearable.
2 fat quarters - Used to finish the Tinkled Pink dress. (Pictures coming soon)

Total in: 3/8 yard


2 3/8 yards - Tinkled Pink Dress 
3/8 yard - Little Doggie (below)
3/8 yard - Serger Cover (below)

Total out: 12 3/4 yards!!

Yay! The stash is down, this month, 12 3/8 yards!

Total out since March 1st: 29 1/4 yards!

This little doggie was a scrap project. It was a quick, cute sew and works fantastic for scraps! 

The pattern is from Purl Soho
(I got it free by signing up for their email newsletter

He is soooooo cute! :)

The other scrap stashbust was a cover for my serger. I didn't need it to be pretty. Just functional. 
It doesn't look to bad...for a 10 minute job. ;)

Now what to sew next?
-'- Jewel

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