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Friday, April 10, 2015

Easy Way To Save A Ripped Pattern Envelope

Tiffany and I went thrifting together earlier this year and I bought this pattern for her. 11¢ with tax! (Oh, yeah!) I'm hoping to make her one of these suits, sometime!

The pattern envelope was in really bad shape. Bad enough that I couldn't even get the pattern back into it. :-/ This wasn't going to work...

Time to figure out a solution.

I have to partly thank Patti for the solution.
(Patti donated the caftan pattern to her Salvation Army where I bought it in The Kearney Pattern Haul)
Miss Patti had her patterns in document envelopes and that's where I got my idea!

- Glue
- Scissors
- 6 x 9 inch envelope (I found 8 for a dollar at Dollar Tree) (Similar here)

Step 1: Remove everything from your pattern envelope.
The pattern pieces and instruction sheet. Everything should be out and set to the side.
Step 2: Cut the pattern envelope down the sides.  I followed the crease to get a nice cut. :)

I will now refer the pattern envelope as the front panel and the back panel.

Step three: Apply glue to the back of the front panel and lay it down on the front of your 6x9 envelope. Start from the middle as you press down to help keep from getting creases.

Step four: Repeat step three but with the back panel.

Step five: Simply, let your glue dry before putting the pieces and instruction sheets back in!

Tips: Because my envelope was so ripped I took some glue on a cotton swab and swept the glue over the rips and tears. This helps keep them from ripping more or completely off.
 And all the pieces fit again! I also redid the envelope of the caftan pattern and now it fits into my pattern box!
Happy Weekend,
-'- Jewel

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