Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thrift Store Score - Temporama Dishware

I was walking through our local thrift store and noticed this right away in the housewares area. I stared at it, trying to figure out how I could justify $9.99 on a 16 piece set of dinnerware. Considering, I have all the dinnerware I need with my Pfaltzgraff
This was/is so adorable! 
At that moment, I remembered. I had a $5 voucher from my punch card!  
I quickly handed TaMera some of the pieces and gathered up the rest. The dishes came out to be about $5.69. 

After telling Kimberly about my "problem" and showing her the dishes. She took a heavy weight off my shoulders and said "You can give it to me for Christmas or something." 
It may be my find, but it will one day be serving Kimberly's guests! :)

The dishes were made in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, by the Canonsburg Pottery Company. Canonsburg Pottery Company was originally called Canonsburg China Company 1900, but changed their name in 1909.  

The mid-century modern design is called Temporama. Interestingly, they are oven proof and detergent proof.

-'- Jewel

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