Saturday, November 22, 2014

Patterned Pattern Box

I have a lot a patterns. 
(Mostly, dress and skirt patterns. You can see some here, here and here.) 
I needed a storage solution, that didn't involve a drawer and preferably in plain sight.

After buying the latest patterns to add to my collection. (or is it addiction? ;)) 
The plastic zip-bag, I was storing the patterns in was not big enough! 
I decided to use an almond box to store them.
Which worked but made me hungry and it was a little unsightly. 

Didn't take me long to change that!

1. The box of wonderfulness
2. Lid and flaps cut off
3. Hot glue dabbed in the bottom (to help strengthen) 
4. Lid hot glued to bottom (also to help strengthen)
5. Patterned paper cut a bit longer than the height of the box
6. Paper glued to sides.
7. (Not pictured) Using the extra paper, I attached it to the side. 
It didn't quite fit but I had a strip of paper that matched and cut that into four pieces, to cover the seams.

I LOVE having them right there on my desk! 
Talk to you soon,
-:- Jewel

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