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Sunday, April 02, 2017

March Stashbusting & Pattern 'N' Fabric Fast Round-Up

Wow! Another month is over and stuff has been happening here at home base!

Fabric sewn:
3 yards of flannel for pajama pants for TaMera (not blogged)
1 5/8 yards gray/blue chambray for Tania culottes

1 yard-ish of dark navy twill.

I was thrifting at Goodwill in Texas and found the twill for $1.99 but the tag was red! (Tag color of the day) Ninety-nine cents for suitable fabric for shorts to practice on? Yes, please! With everything else stashbusting I've been a very good girl, though. ;)

This month 1 yard of fabric in and 4 5/8 yards out! 

All fabric purchased in 2017: 6 yards
All fabric sewn in 2017: 20 3/8 yards

Total fabric stashbusted: 14 3/8 yards! Yes, getting there!

Pattern Fast:

I purchased a single pattern this month...I couldn't not purchase the brand new Flint pattern from Megan Neilsen patterns! Love it so much and I talk about it here in my Sewing Desk Sit-Down video. Be expecting to see my version in May!

But...I also de-stashed 28 patterns this month! Some as far away as Sweden! I "sold" them for shipping in the We Sew Retro Buy, Sell & Trade group. I really look at it as giving them away since I didn't want to make money but understandably I also didn't want to lose any money with the shipping cost.

I'm going to keep trying to think of different ways to get through the pattern stash and get it under control.

For April, I'm already off to a great start as I finished a dress yesterday and it's only the second! :D
-'- Jewel

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