Wednesday, March 01, 2017

February Stashbusting & Pattern 'N' Fabric Fast Round-Up

February...February...oh why are you over already??

Sigh...I'm just going to go out, get it over with and say it.

I treated myself to fabric for Valentines Day...

I know, I know... I should feel bad but I don't.

Fabric purchased:
3 yards Pink Poodles Cotton Twill
2 yards Butterflies Cotton Chambray

Items sewn:
3 yards Simplicity 1419 Firework Cotton for Hannah (To be blogged as a collection)
3 yards Simplicity 1419 Blue Cotton for Hannah (To be blogged as a collection)
1 3/4 yards Vintage Simplicity 7776 (Not Yet Blogged...because I finished it at Midnight on the 31st! lol)

5 yards of fabric in and 7 3/4 yards out! 

All fabric purchased in 2017: 5 yards
All fabric sewn in 2017: 15 3/4 yards
Total fabric stashbusted: 10 3/4 yards! Whoo!!

Pattern Fast:


I have a dress that just needs the zipper and hem so I'm already off to a great start for March! haha 
-'- Jewel

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