Monday, April 07, 2014

Pfaltzgraff Dishware

Usually when you are at a thrift store/antique mall or anywhere that has merchandise that is constantly changing you can't have much patience. It's a "do I want this, buy this" market. Which is why surprisingly I was able to watch  this set of dishware (117 pieces) go from $120 to $60 then to $30! Thirty dollars felt like a decent price a 16 year old (who most likely  won't have her own house for a while) could spend on dishes. $120 made each dish just a little over a dollar, but I came out with them for 24 cents each! Just may be my best deal to date!

The dishes are "Pfaltgraff" their popular 1970s "Village Design"


 I also found eight more cups and sauces at a thrift store for $6! Cups are what I break the most. :)

 Smiles! -'- Jewel


  1. ..."cups are what I break the most." HA! too funny :D

    1. Glad you enjoyed my honesty ;)
      -'- Jewel


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