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Friday, April 11, 2014

Vintage Instagram Photo Album

 Today I'm going to show you a project that's easily adaptable for anybody. It's not really a tutorial...but kind of. It's more of a "Try This!", or "You ever thought of doing that?"! Kind of post. :) Anyhew... 

I found these three photo albums at a local thrift store $2.99 a piece. And immediately thought of printed instragram photos and my graduation coming up soon. Tiffany made a whole scrapbook for her party and Kimberly made some pages she hung around during hers. I'm not a scrapbook'er. (Not really a paper crafty sort person) But a photo album with the picture held in photo corners, with a little space in between for me to write a little about each photo? Now that's more me!

The first step was removing the photo corners. A lot were made to fit 3x3 and wallet size photos. The glue was old so some had already fallen between the pages and many just needed a little bit of a push. What I did was us my nail and slowly "saw" at the glue. (When you just grab under the corner and pull it tends to bend and start to rip the photo corner itself)

Oh look at all those vintage photo corners!
Just a tip: If you are looking for somewhere to buy vintage looking photo corners I would suggest looking at thrift stores for an album.

There's two different ways to organize and put your photo corners on.

Way 1: Pre-Done

Cut out two pieces of a heavy paper (card stock, etc.) to the dimensions of your photos (Mine are 4x4), put a photo corner on each corner, add some glue than firmly press onto the album. Place a book on top of the photo corners. Wait 3-5 minutes. Add photos and done!

Way 2: As You Go 

Take a photo. Place a photo corner onto each corner. Glue ONLY the photo corners, try not to get any on the photo. Firmly press the corners onto the album. Place a book on top of the photo. Wait 3-5 minutes. Done!

It's truly customizable! Arrange your photos anyway you want! You can mix photo sizes and media! Remember that the photo corners temporarily hold your photos they aren't fixed to the page. Meaning? You can mix it up anytime you want!

Here's some ways to fill in empty spaces:
Add a sticker,
Write a little something about the photo,
Use your Instagram caption,
A funny quote,
Or use a stamp!

My album is still a work in progress but honestly this is my favorite page so far!

Smiles! -'- Jewel

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