Friday, December 27, 2013

Mounting the Television

This post was supposed to be posted the week of the 15th. Better late than never I guess! :)
Another project from Thanksgiving at Samantha & Edwin's!
Having your TV on the floor in front of the fireplace in your home can be quite annoying. The time had come to give it a permanent place to live. 
Before we came down, Samantha "mapped out" where they wanted it mounted.

Removing the mantle (and a lot of glue that came with it) was the first step!

Drilling the holes where the bracket for the TV was the was second! (Dad is working so hard!)

We put the bracket on the bolts and mounted the TV! (There are more steps to this project but Dad did most of it without my knowledge.)
It looks marvelous! I love the fireplace! Samantha worked hard cleaning it and decorating it!
Hope you enjoyed that little peek into the project!
-'- Jewel


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